10 things everyone should know about money

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As with everything in the Information Age, managing one’s finances has become seemingly more complex over the years. In our ten years’ experience of financial planning, here are ten things we believe everyone should know about money:

1. Know where your money is going

Although preparing a budget is a relatively easy exercise, deciphering exactly where one’s money is going can be a somewhat more challenging task. The complexities created by credit card agreements, cell phone contracts, data bundles, insurance policies, bank accounts and rewards programmes have made tracking our expenditure at times unfathomable, especially when running debit orders off one’s bank account. As time-consuming as it may be, it pays to set aside time to peruse your accounts and statements with a view to understanding exactly where your hard-earned cash is being channeled.

2. Protect your greatest asset

From the time you first begin working, your greatest asset is…

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There Are Only Two Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

Unexploited Finances

You want more money.

You want to increase your monthly income.

You want to be cash flow positive.

Maybe it’s to pay off your debt (or stop going into debt). Maybe it’s to make a substantial donation to a charity. Or maybe it’s to travel South America for a year.

So, you read books on making money. You read blogs for the secret access to money. You look for the tip that will make you the most money. You study, study, study. You become an expert on finances. You start spouting all of the potential ways to get rich. But you still haven’t added any dollars to your pocket.

I’ll save you some time…and hopefully get your cash flow to a positive state.

If you really want to improve your cash flow, there are only two ways to do it.

  • Earn more money.
  • Spend less money.

Two ways – that’s it.

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Pocket Friendly Bangkok-Pattaya Travel Guide

My boyfriend and I decided to spend a 10 day trip to Thailand.

Like any other budget traveler we don’t want to wipe out our bank accounts for a mere few days of escapade.

We’ve purchased the tickets and booked the hotels 2 months prior to our departure. Thus, our travel allowances were for food and transportation only.

I always suggest that you create an itinerary no matter how you want it to be free-flowing  so you can maximize your stay and at least visit most of the places you are interested in seeing.  However, if you are with a travelling partner always discuss it with them. Sam (my boyfriend) is not really a fan of walking tours so always be ready with alternative activities for him it would be  coffee and pastries at a local shop (or side-walk art shop is fine too!)

 Must Do’s

  • Leave copies of your itinerary and hotel information to your love ones at homes.
  • Scan your passport, flight details, hotel reservation and an ID and send it to your personal email
  • Make sure you know the Philippine Embassy address and phone number in Bangkok

Packing your bags

Thailand is a tropical country so expect for a warm and humid weather almost all year round except for the monsoon months.

Dress like locals (Tee/tank tops/shorts/slippers) are common daily wears.

I always travel light going to my destination. I only bring one back pack which contains basic necessities.  Bring only clothes you are going to use for a few days. You won’t run out fresh clothes since laundry shops are everywhere. I also bring a back up foldable travel bag for my return trip because it is impossible that you’ll visit Bangkok without shopping!

Clothes Toiletries Others Important
2 shorts toothbrush Sunnies Passport
4  tees toothpaste liniment pocket journal
4 sets of undergarments deodorant meds( loperamide, paracetamol) print out of your airline tickets
2 tank tops moisturizer headsets print out of your itinerary
2 light weight pants / leggings lip balm/lipstick  Sturdy/safe Sling bag – for daily wear print out of your hotel reservation
1 large pashmina * Cash /credit cards/atm
portable chargers
Valid  IDs
extra 2×2 photos – just incase you need photos for Visa applications when crossing borders

*pashmina –for added warmth and comfort while travelling and doubles as a skirt when you have to dress modestly when visiting a temple

Philippine Immigration

Filipino Citizen can stay in Bangkok for 30 days max. So as long as you have your flight details, itinerary and reservations ready for the immigration officer you should be good to go. Just be ready with a few basic questions.


Same thing as the Philippine immigration –be ready for a few question but if you have the documents ready worry no more and enjoy the city of Angels!

Getting to the hotel and transportation

I booked at Napa Vegas hotel  near Ramkhanhaeng station it’s the 4th stop from the airport station.You can  purchase a single journey ticket at the train station 2 floors below the airport arrival area.

Bangkok tourist area is well-connected with their amazing rail ways. So as long as you know where you are and where you’re headed you are just fine.

There is a mobile app for the BTS/ MRT system of Bangkok in google app, you can download and use it as reference. Getting around Bangkok is a lot easier if you have google maps and internet access too, do better get yourself a tourist sim at the airport’s arrival area. Happy sim offers an affordable price for tourist with international calls and data services.

Itinerary and Breakdown of Expenses

This shows actual districts we visited. I’ll create a separate blog entry on the descriptions of each of this area, pros and cons and etc.


1 PESO  EQUALS TO 0.73 BAHT* — dependent on  the currency conversion

  1. Meals are for the price of two. The hotel we booked in Pattaya offered free breakfast so that’s an added savings.
  2. Fare/TRANSPORTATION- This shows total cost of transportation for all the daily activities NOT a single ride alone.
  3. Pre departure-Paid in advance before the vacation.


I highly recommend that you  ALWAYS dedicate special budget for souvenirs and shopping since I did not include any of that on my list.

Also, you may bring extra budget just in case you want to splurge on some touristy activities.


  1. Your budget/expenses depends on your activities. We did not went to any tourist spots were we have to pay too much (we ditch the grand palace since we arrived past 4 PM)
  2. We ate like locals. Hawkers and corner shops were our to go places. (except 711 for immediate dose of caffeine)
  3. We buy snacks good for an entire day, and we bring it with us. No impulse buying unless it’s extremely appetizing.
  4. Bring Extra money! It’s better to overestimate than under.